5 Reasons To Register Your Own Domain Name


Whether you’re starting your own business, or just want to add a little more professionalism to your online persona. Whatever your reasons for registering a domain name, you’re making the right choice. Here are 5 reasons to register your own domain name and truly establish your presence in that crazy virtual world, we call the Internet.


Nothing bugs me more when I’m driving down the street and I see a company van, with their smart logo brandished all over it, but an email address of something like plumbing-direct@hotmail.com or a URL of plumbing-direct-uk.wordpress.com, it just looks so unprofessional.

Similarly, on a personal level, when people give out their personal email address, or print it on their CV funkymonkey248@gmail.com may have sounded cool when you were 16, but as an adult, you look like an idiot. mail@johnsmith.com looks much better.

Seeing contact details like these, immediately turns me off, and the company/individual loses all credibility. Let’s face it, if someone can’t be bothered to get a professional looking email address, can they be bothered to fix your tap, or do a job correctly?

Having something like mail@plumbing-direct.com is much more professional, and for me personally, will make me likely to drop them an email over the @hotmail.com “competition”. It’s a small, but very important thing.

Brand Recognition

If your website address is plumbing-direct.wordpress.com, what are people going to remember? Well, it will be the “wordpress.com” part. It’s WordPress that will get the recognition, not you. If you have plumbing-direct.com, there’s no 3rd party sat in the middle, you’re your own brand, so people will remember you – especially if your site is well laid out and professional looking.

This is still applicable for personal use, especially when you’re putting yourself out there for jobs etc. You need to become the brand, and having kevquirk.wordpress.com isn’t good enough – that’s why I have kevquirk.com. People know my name, so they can Google me, and find my site being the top hit on Google. It make me easy to find, and therefore easy to contact.


If you run your business or blog from a 3rd party provider like WordPress or Blogger, they’ll be the one generating the revenue and reaping the profits. Even if you have your own ads, theirs will be competing with yours, and who do you think will win out? Of course it will be theirs, it’s their system after all. This is money slipping right out of your fingers.

Independent Hosting

Having your own domain will mean freedom from any technical, or monetary difficulties from 3rs parties. Using the WordPress example one more time, there’s nothing you can do if the site starts running slowly, or if they decide to start charging an extortionate amount for their service. Because you’re just one user among many.

With your own domain & hosting, however, you’ll be operating on your own servers, so you are in control. You might be thinking, “well I can just move providers if they charge me a tonne”. True, you could do that, but if your visitors know to go to a WordPress.com site, and all of a sudden, the URL changes, you might as well be starting all over again.


You can find domain names for under $20 a year. Sometimes, if you catch a special deal, you can wind up paying less than $10. With such low prices, not to mention all the benefits you’ll enjoy from breaking free of affiliate sites, do you really have an excuse not to take the plunge and register your own domain name?

5 Reasons To Register Your Own Domain Name
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