5 Must Have Features for a TV to be Smart

Why is it that people are constantly trying to make some things do more than they should? Do you remember the days when mobile phones were only meant for phone calls? And then a few years later, they were also capable of sending short messages, thereby replacing the pager. Fast forward a few years and people could take photos using their mobile phones. Now here we are in this age and time where we can send emails, play virtual football, and scan for movie tickets using the little candy bar sized device. Don’t get me wrong; I am not complaining – for it has made life much easier for everyone of us and since perhaps the tech gods have finally realized the wonders of mobile phones, they have decided to move on to another tech species called Smart TV.

Hey! Stop flinching buddy! You did that when touch screens came out. Tell me you’re not sporting the latest touch phone. So we know where the TV trends are going, don’t we? Now I know it takes a lot of hard-earned money to afford this thing so allow me to guide you in your search of the most deserving unit.


wi fi capability1. Wi-Fi Capability

Wi-Fi is just one of the most amazing things invented on planet Earth. Without it, smartphones would not probably exist. Therefore, what makes a TV smart when it is not Wi-Fi capable? Smart TVs are made to stream or download movies from the Internet. If it cannot primarily function that way, what makes it so special apart from a regular TV with USB connector from which you could transfer movie files, right?


Flash Support2. Flash support

Doesn’t it suck when you buy a product that is not supported by Flash Media Player? It’s like, “What’s the point?”, especially when you need to watch short motion pictures or visit sites that are flash-supported. Be careful on this, it’s a major booboo – for the time being at least until HTML 5 becomes more widely used.


Smart TV apps3. TV Applications

This is not so hard to comprehend since it has it’s predecessor: the smartphone applications and app stores. Applications are designed to make your TV life easier and more enjoyable, just as smartphone app stores contributed to our daily lives. It just makes smart TVs even smarter because apps set apart what is conventional from what is contemporary. It can further take you to another level of satisfaction with your TV since it will allow you to do more with just one device.

Smart Tv remote4. Innovative Remote Control

Oh, and have you seen LG Google TV’s remote control? It is just as sleek as brand new BMW 5-series, and I’m not kidding. Forget the RC with about 267 buttons (and you only use less than 15. It takes an Einstein to understand what the other buttons are for). This one has a nice mouse track ball on the center that lets you navigate freely just like how you do in your laptop. The other buttons are left minimized, retaining just a few really necessary ones like channel and volume.


Smart Tv Features5. Topnotch Specs

Of course, everything has to go with it; everything has to be aligned with the new-age product. Digital surround sound system, premium resolution, and even 3D capability will definitely add points to a smart TV. It has to be a complete packaging– not just a twist to the old thing.

I know how hard life is. I know how hard your money is earned as well. Everyone loves to be a couch potato once in a while. Find the best product, pop ‘em corns, and savor each moment! Enjoy!

5 Must Have Features for a TV to be Smart
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