4 Cloud Computing Apps Everyone Should Know About

What is cloud computing, and why are so many businesses and IT departments taking advantage of it? Here’s a basic definition of cloud computing along with four top apps business owners can in the cloud.

What Is Cloud Computing?

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Today’s businesses aren’t storing files and documents in storage or file rooms anymore. With cloud computing, documents and data can be stored via the Internet in large data centers and retrieved as needed in a snap.

Cloud computing is simply sending and retrieving data or using software or applications over the Internet with no programs to store on a PC or network’s hard drive. With cloud storage and software services all over the world, the world of cloud computing is changing how business owners run their companies. In addition, many apps are optimizing the cloud experience.


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Dropbox is known for saving and sharing photos and videos via the cloud, and now you can access your Dropbox account via their app. Beyond photos and videos, Dropbox also allows users to upload and share document files and access them via smartphones, tablets or any PC with an internet connection.

This productivity app comes with 2GB of free storage space — if you need more, you’ll need to pay for it, however, if you automatically set photos, videos and documents to be saved to your Dropbox account, the company offers 3GB of extra free space. Once uploaded to your Dropbox cloud account, you don’t have to attach saved files, but simply provide a linked to those you wish to share with.


Basecamp is used by project management professionals across the globe. Because global project management is now a reality, Basecamp allows managers or PMO offices to create projects and share information to the project team. Mangers can also set security levels on which project team members can access all or part of the project plan. A low-level team member, for example, may not need access to the budgeting portion of the plan.

Because Basecamp helps managers stay connected via the cloud and allows them to make quick decisions or changes to a project, firms using Basecamp will reap the benefits of capacity planning IT tools to ensure software and other applications stay running at optimal levels.

37signals Campfire

Another cloud computing app that helps teams stay connected comes from Campfire™—the 37signals Campfire app. The app uses a “chat room” environment where attendees can jump in or out of the conversation and view spreadsheets, documents and even PowerPoint presentations.

The ability to set up multiple accounts or chat rooms and toggling between each allows leaders and managers to keep everyone on the same page — or orchestrate a project from afar. Users must have the basic free Campfire account or a paid account to use this app.

Salesforce Mobile App

Salesforce is often touted as one of the best sales management software on the market today — and it works in a cloud format. Now the company offers the Salesforce Mobile app. Users must have a Salesforce licensing agreement, but the app comes in a free “lite” version, or you can opt for the paid app.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is taken to the next level using Salesforce and allows sales managers to set goals for each salesperson, keep track of CRM data including lost sales and ups or leads. Managers no longer have to sit by the wayside but can also be on the road managing districts while still communicating easily with sales teams.

Many business IT departments are already taking advantage of cloud computing. Now that you have a basic understanding of how cloud computing works, you too can take advantage of the cloud and stay productive with one of these four cloud apps.

4 Cloud Computing Apps Everyone Should Know About
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