3 Great Websites For Killing Time

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In today’s world, the Internet has all kinds of different practical applications that make our lives just a little bit easier each and every day. We use the Internet to communicate efficiently, conduct business remotely, and access information with unprecedented quickness.

But, realistically, many of us also use the Internet for something much simpler – killing time! Endless sources of entertainment accessible at the click of a button or touch of a screen make passing down time more of a hobby than an obligation these days. And with that in mind, here’s a look at 3 of the best websites for killing time (and in some cases, even making some quick cash!).

1. Sporcle.com

What started as a fairly simple quiz site has evolved into an absolutely massive collection of trivia on just about any topic you could imagine. At Sporcle, you can play user submitted quizzes, site created quizzes, and even make up your own quizzes to pass endless amounts of down time.

Plus, the site is always expanding on its own capabilities, and now allows features like audio clips, pictures, and different styles of quizzing. Continually updated quiz records, ratings, and various systems for finding the hottest new quizzes to find interesting new options you haven’t explored before. Added bonus: you can actually expand your knowledge base in various categories pretty easily!

2. Betfair.com

Betfair is a dynamic online casino site that employs all kinds of different betting and entertainment methods. At Betfair’s exchange section, you can access a totally unique sports book, complete with up-to-date sporting news and detailed betting options. However, it’s the arcade and gaming options that can really help you to pass the time.

From standard casino offerings like poker, blackjack, slots, etc., to completely original arcade games, Betfair offers a huge range of entertainment, all of which can be gambled on either in small sums or with an aim toward a big pay day. So, if you like to put some risk (and potential reward) into your spurts of time killing online, this is a great site to check out.

3. Buzzfeed.com

If you’re less into action and more into passive reading, there are naturally about a million options out there, including various news sites and social networks. But at Buzzfeed, you’ll find exactly the right sort of “news” for quick, mindless consumption that passes the time. This is because Buzzfeed is made up largely of lists that can be scrolled through with ease.

You might find anything from “25 best restaurants in New York,” to “10 theories for the finale of Breaking Bad,” to “15 reasons to travel to the Caribbean,” etc. But you’re certain to find a few lists that meet your interests, and it’s exactly the kind of content that can be consumed with lazy, listless ease.

What do you do to pass the time online? We would love to hear some of the weird and wacky ways that you kill time whilst at you computer…or even at work when the boss ins’t looking!

3 Great Websites For Killing Time
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